Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Tapeworm Diet

The Tapeworm Diet – Myth Or Reality?

There is no doubt that many people would do almost anything to lose those extra pounds, perhaps even going as far as to knowingly infecting themselves with worms. Just google and you'll see many pleas on forums and posting boards asking where people can buy tapeworms!

Believe it or not there has been and continues to be a small group of individuals, including some scientists and researchers, that promote and actually support the use of a variety of worms for treatment of many different health conditions commonly found in the human body. Helminth therapy, or the controlled use of worms in treatment, has been around for hundreds of years but has recently surfaced again as a possible option for those wishing to lose weight quickly and without having to change their lifestyle or diet. The Tapeworm Diet - Read Full Story

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